About Tammy

Hello!  I’m Tammy, wife of a celiac, mom to two daughters with celiac, household chaos organizer, recipe developer, food photographer, public speaker, allergy-friendly cooking instructor, and the National Best Selling author of Paleo IndulgencesThe Healthy Gluten Free Life, and Make Ahead Paleo.  I have a passion for understanding health and wellness as it relates to nutrition and have used this knowledge to help my family overcome health issues such as celiac disease, multiple food intolerances, eczema and ADD.  And while some of my favorite things include summer vacations, months ending in “–ber” and photography, I find my passion and enthusiasm for life in my kitchen with my family.

So what am I all about here on this site? Well, I’m a work in progress. And I’m pretty sure I always will be. What I “knew” to be healthy 10 years ago is not what I “know” to be healthy now. But I’m getting there. And I feel good about the journey my family and I have been on.  I’ve spent the last 15 years connecting the dots between our nutrition and our health, though my dotted line is more of a zig-zag that has traveled from a SAD (Standard American Diet) diet…to a GF SAD…to Vegan…to a Healthy GF Life…to Paleo/Primal.  I’m grateful for my imperfect path since it has taught me what works, and doesn’t work, for myself and my family.

In terms of food, we live a Paleo/Primal lifestyle so we’re ALWAYS gluten free.  I am mostly dairy free, except for the occasional grass fed/pastured cream in my coffee, butter/ghee or sprinkle of cheese.  The family is dairy free though. Eggs are hit and miss depending on who is eating them (husband and oldest can’t, youngest and I can).  My sweeteners generally consist of organic raw honey, pure maple syrup and coconut nectar or crystals.

Eliminating grains (except for the occasional GF treat!) has been very positive for our family and myself in terms of how we feel (and weight loss for me!).  We are not perfect in any way, nor do I want to be.  If this journey has taught me anything, it’s that I’m not really sure what “perfect” is anyway!

This is my place to share, create, mess-up and learn.  Feel free to do the same.  Welcome to my zig-zaggy journey!